The miraculous process

“Embark on a journey into the captivating world of mine, where art transcends mere expression to become a conduit for the soul. With an unwavering dedication to my craft and a boundless wellspring of creativity, I infuse each canvas with a palpable sense of life and emotion. Drawing inspiration from the myriad wonders of the world and the depths of human experience, their artistry serves as a reflection of the intricate tapestry of existence itself.

Through a masterful interplay of color, form, and texture, i invite viewers to delve into realms of imagination and introspection. Each brushstroke is imbued with meaning, weaving together stories that resonate deeply with the observer. From sweeping landscapes that evoke a sense of awe and wonder to intimate portraits that capture the essence of the human spirit, mine portfolio is as diverse as it is profound.

Yet, beyond the mere visual spectacle, there lies a deeper narrative within my work—a narrative that speaks to the universal human experience. Through their art, they explore themes of love and loss, joy and sorrow, hope and despair, inviting viewers to confront the complexities of life with courage and compassion.

But perhaps most importantly, i am not content to simply create art for art’s sake. They believe in the transformative power of creativity and seek to inspire others to unlock their own artistic potential. Through workshops, mentorship programs, and community outreach initiatives, i strives to cultivate a new generation of artists who will carry the torch of creativity forward into the future.

In a world that often seems dark and uncertain, my art serves as a beacon of light—a reminder of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit. So come, step into my world , and allow yourself to be transported on a journey of discovery and wonder.”

"Meet Parmeshwor, the artist who breathes life into every canvas with passion and creativity, captivating hearts and minds with each stroke."

Parmeshwor Khadka


srijana college of fine arts
Kalaaakar Foundaton
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